Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Best of '11; Locations

Melbourne; One of my favourite cities in the world, I love Melbourne's easy going vibe, and eclectic approach to style.  Every twist and turn offers something fresh and new and I happy to be able to bring you more from this great city in early 2012.

Bondi Skate Park; Not just because of it's close proximity to my house, but also due to the diverse and action packed style finds that are always ever present at this skating site.  The skating world has embraced my work in a big way, and I look forward to more skate related work in the new year.

Singapore; This unique country has a unique tone and feel, as it effortlessly combines old colonial influences with fresh and innovative contemporary design.  Visiting Singapore is always an effortless and inspiring experience, something I hope to experience more of in 2012.

Aspley Bowling Club: This Brisbane bowling club opened their doors to the magnificence of their beautiful retro shrine to the 10 pins.  I loved the shots (see the post here) and it allowed me to see how footwear isn't just a style choice but also something people rely on for all manner of activities - something I will definitely explore more of in 2012.

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