Friday, 23 March 2012

Levis Go WaterLess Party; Sydney


Last night saw Sydney's cool crowd made a big splash at the Levis Go WaterLess Party.  
The brand are synonymous with classic denim, and in addition to recently launching some interesting new cuts, this event wasn't about product, but moreso about the way we treat the product.
We all like to give more thought to how our lives impact on the environment, and the event was designed to raise awareness of how much water we use; did you know each time you wash your jeans it uses 60 litres of water!  
The event was celebrated with a rather unique sight, some amazing male bath burlesque.  I have to admit it's not something I've seen before but it was an amazing spectacle as you can see from the pics above, and it offers some inspiration on how you can introduce a whole new regime to the way you wash your jeans!


  1. Awesome post! Just happened to stumble upon your blog, I attended the event too. How amazing was the Berliner!??

    x Lauren

    1. Thanks Lauren - very kind of you.
      Would love to speak about shooting you somrtime, your work looks great as does your look so drop me a line sometime. Lester's