For Sydney dancer Amrita, movement is an integral part of her life, and nothing conveys her true self of sense as earnestly or as honestly.

As many would expect, her fashion tastes find that balance between function and form; sure pieces need to look good, but they need to be able to function too, and Amrita’s look is relatively bold and playful with an OG twist; House of Riot tee mixed with some adidas Originals leggings and ‘Mid Summer Metallic’ Stan Smiths.

However, the garments only offer a small insight into her sense of style, as of more importance to her is the sense of movement that carries them.

From serious and earnest, to playful and fun, to confident and bold, the way we move and carry ourselves gives arguably a truer reflection of who we are than what we dress ourselves in, and as a dancer, Amrita is a master of movement across all dance genres with the ability to morph her sense of movement for any brief.

And while her work in the studio is an obvious forum to showcase this sense of movement, it’s also evident in Amrita’s everyday life, with small subtle gestures and movements also adding to the tapestry of who she is away from the studio too.

In short, she’s never still, always working, always moving, and as a skilled dancer, writer, photographer and more, I have met few people in such a state of perpetual motion!

For this story we decided to let the movement do the real talking, which you can see in the above video.

Movement isn’t something that I had really considered or given much thought to as an aspect of everyday style, but after meeting Amrita that has changed considerably.

Subject: Amrita

Photographer/Director: Lester Jones

Video DOP: Shaun Dougherty

Clothing (model’s own);

Tee: House of Riot

Leggings: adidas Originals

Shoes: adidas Originals ‘Mid Summer Metallic’ Stan Smiths

Thanks to Rubens Gym and Studio, Marrickville, Sydney