Notebook Cover

In 2016, the idea of using a notebook again became something that I embraced more and more.

Although initiatives like ‘Bullet Journal’ offering a great way to manage the type of hectic schedule that many of us have, finding a practical notebook solution to carry at all times isn’t that easy.

Too big, too heavy or too small and fiddly, Bellroy have come to the rescue with the Notebook Cover, a simple solution that houses Bellroy (and third party notebooks) within a chic, durable and practical leather cover.

Tablet Sleeve

Tablets have of course become a staple for many of us and the Bellroy Tablet Sleeve is a new product designed to make carrying with a tablet as easy as possible.

Here at IDYSM we use tablets regularly for shoots, client meetings, scheduling, email on the go and it’s definitely become an everyday travel essential.

After trying countless other cases that fell short in one way or another, Bellroy have again come to the rescue by creating a product with their hallmark sense to maximise it’s potential.

Made in select tones in leather the Tablet Sleeve is a simple, durable and practical for Apple and Samsung users, with the Tablet Sleeve Extra offering extra compartments for essential cables, leads and other accessories.

Key Cover

Sharp bits of metal that literally unlock doors aren’t always a pocket’s best friend.

Yet again Bellroy have studied this essential and found a way of giving it a chic yet practical makeover with a great carrying solution.

The standard Key Cover fits 2-4 keys, while the more expansive Key Cover Plus fits 4-8 keys and gives them a simple home for easy transport in your pocket.

No more wild and unruly keychains, no more loose keys creating holes in your pocket, and no spending hours looking for the right key.

Making deconstructed design look simple yet stylish, and rethinking the way in which we use, interact with and carry daily essentials is no mean feat, yet Bellroy do it with ease.

If you like me are spring cleaning and streamlining for the year ahead, you could do far worse than take a close look at what Bellroy can do for you.