Back on home turf for a quick visit to Sydney, Corbin was kind enough to spend some time sharing his story of how and why he got into skating, and what it means to him now.
His career has given Corbin some amazing opportunities – from travel, to meeting amazing people, to working with some amazing brands including Nike SB and Red Bull, but of extra significance for him is Pretty Shady, a great cause that Corbin has been involved with over the in 13/14 summer to raiseing awareness of skin cancer.
It’s startling to know that Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world, with 2 out of 3 people diagnosed with it at some point in their lives.  Pretty epic stats!
Corbin has spent his life skating and playing sport outdoors so knows how important it is to take this matter seriously, and as an ambassador for Pretty Shady he’s doing all he can to spread the word; take action and do yourself a favour by taking preventative measures to protect yourself such as sunnies, a hat, sunscreen and long sleeves. They will all help to stop skin cancer one summer at a time!
It’s a great cause, and I offer a huge thanks to Pretty Shady for not only promoting awareness of this great cause, but also for the hook up with Corbin!
Please all check out this fantastic cause right now at

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