In the age of hype, the age of conformity where Instagram likes are a rich currency, standing out is a virtuous feat, something to be heralded and championed.

Curtis is a Sydney model whose look and approach to style is both unique and non-conformist.

Androgynous, fluid and elegant, his style cannot be defined or labelled he embraces what he likes, and that’s what guides him, not hype, not following trends, just being comfortable and being true to himself.

As Curtis spends a lot of time creating his present day self looking at retro styles and influences I decided to make this shoot something of a hybrid, fusing shooting digitally with the amazing Sony a9 camera, alongside a 120mm medium format Hasselblad, a fusion that I hope helps to make the statement about Curtis and his style.

A huge thanks to Curtis, Five Twenty Management and to Yana for help with styling.