The newest Groove Therapy initiative is Groove Junior, a program designed for kids aged 8-13, which kicks into action on Monday Jan 23rd in Sydney.

Designed to promote physical movement, teamwork, creativity, expression and problem-solving through (clean) hip hop and break dancing, the program brings a local community vibe and a safe space for kids to develop physically, cognitively and emotionally.

We shot these images in Sydney recently to promote the amazing cause (especially at a time when kids are so invested in screens and insular non-physical activity), and I had the chance meet some of the young dancers who already enjoy the benefits of dance.

Each dancer has their own look, style and approach, but uniformly they all shared some shared traits, like the collective sense of joy and freedom that the dancing gives them.

We’re huge supporters of Vanessa and her amazing work here at IDYSM, and for more info on Groove Junior and Groove Therapy, please see here.