IDYSM: Hey TA-KU, Set the scene for us. Where are you, what are you listening to and what’s happening?

TA-KU: Oh ok, right now? I’m in my studio trying to make something album worthy, instead I am draking out listening to Caspian and getting rather emotional.

IDYSM: So, how did you get into making music?

TA-KU: I’ve always loved listening to music and discovering it, however it really started when I heard Slum Village Fall in Love and literally fell in love with Dillas production.

IDYSM: For a while you were splitting your time between making beats and selling Health Insurance. I’m sure the music is healthy enough for you to just be focusing on that now?

TA-KU: Yeah for sure. The music was healthy enough for awhile, but I enjoy the corporate secular world too so I was just going 100 on both.

IDYSM: Your music has a recognisable soulful feel to it, how long did it take to find your voice and why did you go in that direction?

TA-KU: Hmm I think that’s still ongoing you know? Im always finding my voice in different sounds and experiences. I think SOUL is very much apart of me and who I am tho.

IDYSM: Your work is championed by a lot of people including Hypebeast and Hypetrak. How important has working with leading influencers been?

TA-KU: Its been essential and an honour. I like working with like minded people who are enthusiastic and passionate. I would have it no other way.

IDYSM: Sound obviously plays a big part to your work, but so does vision. I’ve heard you say that your music is created visually, tell us about the process.

TA-KU: Aesthetics in music is SO important. We creative visual memories and patterns when we listen to music. Its just what the human brain does. It helps stimulate us. in the music making process its important to factor in the visual element as it makes it that much more of an impact on our senses.

IDYSM: Are you something of an observer? I would guess you are as your photography on Instagram is pretty sweet – is it something you take seriously?

TA-KU: Yes it is, I love people watching, I love traveling & I love human behaviour. As we coast through life it is captured and defined by moments. Being able to observe and then absorb those moments mean a lot to me. As they will never happen again.

IDYSM: You are behind the visual outlet of Team Cozy on Instagram (@Team_Cozy). Tell us about how that came about and what it is?

TA-KU: Team Cozy started as a hashtag which expressed the notion of comfort over everything. However it grew into this strong visual aesthetic. Photographer and instagrammer alike really embraced it by combining a keen eye for composition and really clean , warm photography into their love for comfortable clothing and street wear. Its evolving very fast.

IDYSM: It goes some way to showing your love for sneakers, what role do they play in your life?

TA-KU: I just feel complete with a nice pair of shoes you know? Its all in the details and also in the what they say about a person.. they hold so much character.

IDYSM: The sneaker scene in Perth is pretty passionate, how involved are you in that scene and with Highs and Lows (the globally recognized Perth boutique)?

TA-KU: They are all my HOMIES! So much love for them. We collaborate, eat, play ball, talk, exchange ideas weekly. Very close to the HAL fam.

IDYSM: You get to travel a lot know, is that opening your eyes and ears to new inspirations both musically and with sneaker tastes?

TA-KU: Oh yes. ITs such an enlightening experience to travel. It just broadens all horizons. Giving you a peek into different cultures and sub cultures.

IDYSM: OK, you’re repping Team Cozy here and it’s time for my signature sign-off question and I can’t wait to hear your answer to this…what’s on your feet right now?

TA-KU: Damn imma have to tell the truth but right now I got the 40s & Shorties high socks and Nike Solarsoft slippers. OG. ha!

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