Like Aaron, Kaslam’s English was limited and with my pretty non-existent grasp of French communication wasn’t easy, but using the universal language of sneakers I think I did get some info out of him.

He’s an Afrobeat singer, and embraces world fashion (he’s apparently even won some awards for his own design work), so always steps out in carefully chosen threads and labels.  In this outfit labels include a Givency vest and pants, some Armani in a look that’s all finished off with his new and beloved Jordan Air Flight 1’s in Fire Red/Black/Cement.

While he’s into his labels for his apparel the shoes are pretty much a High St pick up available at Foot Locker, but to Kaslam it doesn’t matter – he likes the shoes, they work with his look and that’s enough to overcome any label snobbery, and as a new pick up he’s extremely pleased with to him they’re priceless.

Have a great weekend and more from Paris to come next week.