Lister’s work is colourful, creative and full of character, and from his street roots has gone on to develop an ever-growing global fan base.

With the street as his canvas, Lister’s ability to turn heads with his signature combination of innovative and thought-provoking work has seen him reach the stature of one of the most influential street artists of our time.

The street is only 1 environment he thrives in though, as his migration to the studio has seen his work evolve in new and exciting ways.

The latest in the Highsnobiety Visits series, I was lucky enough to visit Lister’s Sydney studio.

Throughout the space the bold, provocative work that typifies Lister is evident everywhere, as are the comedic touches associated with his work which are scattered around the space too.

As a chance to see Lister at work in his studio, the above video shows how he tackles a brief of being given just 5 minutes to create a piece of work from scratch.

Giving us an insight into his creative process, Anthony hadn’t received a challenge like this before, meaning many of the skills associated with his street work came into play; speed, decisiveness and conviction.

It was great to spend time in Anthony’s presence and find out exactly why the name you keep hearing is most definitely ‘Lister’.

Made in conjunction with HighSnobiety

Photographer/Director/Co-DOP: Lester Jones

Co-DOP: Shaun Dougherty

Music: The Story of Our Lives by James Pants