As a British born but now Sydney based content maker, I have not lived in the UK for 10 years, so when I visit the UK I feels like I have the ability to step back from the frantic pace of London life to see the city somewhat afresh each time.

As has become the form in my travel work, I again attempted to capture an array of imagery that merges themes, plays with juxtaposition and through coverage of portraiture, fashion, art, architecture and reportage offers a commentary view on how I see the identity of London in the present age.

Creative, dynamic and edgy are all qualities that you can see within the body of work, but there’s also some of that renowned British humour in there too, something that the Brits pride themselves on.

You can see more of my travel work from 2017 for Highsnobiety visit here, here and here.

A huge thanks to Sony Australia who kitted me out with the incredible a9 for this trip – an amazing piece of kit that was a joy to shoot with.

Stay tuned for more content shot during my time in the UK.

IDYSM Founder/Creative Director: Lester Jones