Originally from New Zealand, aspiring model and stylist Makai is someone who refreshingly fuses all manner of looks and product types to create a sense of style that truelly represents him as a person.

The brief I gave him was to come to the shoot with a look that defined him, and he proudly fused premium product with basics with vintage

As an expression of self, the look speaks volumes about him as a person, with his desire to look beyond hype and find product that works for him.

The vintage corduroy jacket is a statement piece full of personality and character. It may not have cost much, but it’s the kind of piece that brings an individual and eye-catching component to Makai’s look.

The striped tee from Bassike is a staple that offers versatility with a refined edge. The Australian brand is highly regarded in this field, and rightly so, as their product showcases the hard to deliver combo of basic pieces with a stripped back quality that is trully universal.

The jeans are from Carharrt, a brand that have a common place in Makai’s looks. Always practical and stylish they again echo that combo of timeless style that can weaved into a variety of looks.

Finally, the Gucci Ace sneakers add another statement piece that comes from another world to the vintage jacket mentioned above.

Premium shoes are a key compoent of Mak’s look, and rather than burying them in a cupboard somewhere he wears them proudly and visibly as part of the ‘rock it, don’t stock it’ mindset.

With mid-level product dropping so frequently now, the discerning sneakerheads are often turning to premium product now which can have a longer sense of relevance and not be caught up in constantly moving hype.

Simple and classic, highly versatile, but with a burst of colour and personality the shoes merge seamlessly with Makai’s overall look and approach to style that embraces the notion of mixing and matching and nurturing the sense of detail and precision that really does allow you to showcase yourself through your look.