As a Brit, I have spent the last 10 years in Sydney learning more and more about Australian Fashion, and also about the curiosity that people from other parts of the world have about all things Aussie.

MBFWA is a chance to showcase resort collections, which suits the Australian market pretty well, and as such gives the local industry the chance to display the fresh, youthful, playful, progressive yet refined tone that many see it as having.

In terms of prowess, Dion Lee is an Australian Fashion pioneer, whose reputation for offering a personified representation of elegance and chicness has cemented his place on the global stage.

As the opening designer of MBFWA 2017 Dion opened the week with a bang, using the backdrop of the iconic Sydney Opera House to display his latest collection which also shows his first foray into menswear; a move that continues his established ability to create garments with sophistication, elegance and edge.

The combination of flowing lines and sweeping curves saw the garments work symbiotically with the location for a stunning opening show.

Alongside established designers like Dion, newcomers like Justin Cullin have also grabbed attention this week.  His debut MBFWA show generated huge interest through the great product, and with the show featuring male model of the moment, Australian Jordan Barrett.

Jordan is indicative of how the Australian modelling scene is vibrant with looks and personalities that are fascinating the global fashion scene.

From Jordan, MBFWA 2017 also saw Victoria’s Secret Angel Georgia Fowler strutting her stuff, plus an array of amazing new talent like Meg Breaker, Yohanis Diaz Morgan and Jimmy Freeman who are all breaking out as new and exciting talent from the region.

There will be plenty of places for you to check out specific looks and shows from MBFWA 2017 both on the runway and on the streets.

Here at IDYSM though, we were more interested in capturing the vibe, the mood, the people and the quiet moments that make up MBFWA, a week where all eyes turn to Australia and while Fashion is the focus, it’s a week where the Aussies show that they have the ability to continue competing on the global stage at much more than that.

With a rich and healthy conveyor belt of talent continuing to produce great talent in all quarters, the Australian sense of youth, progression and understated style continues to impress.