Jess’s work isn’t about sneakers though, her project focuses on catching the London Underground at it’s most intimate and artistic; capturing beautifully composed shots of corridors, escalators, and tunnels when the vibrant transport system is quiet.

Bearing in mind it’s never quiet, Jess has developed quite admirable levels of skill and patience in capturing stunning shots of eye-catching architectural symmetry and patterns that us mere mortals would miss whenever we rushed past them at a million miles an hour.

We met via Instagram where her account is blowing up as thens of thousands of people follow Jess’ work – and when I heard she carries out her duties in kicks I couldn’t wait to find out more.

As the latest in my ‘Behind The Brand’ series I was lucky enough to follow Jess at work and find out more about her story. So check it out, and prepare to never experience a transport system in the same way again!

Follow Jess on Instagram here.