It’s time to take a quick break from my recap period to showcase a video I have made to showcase a great new op up experience that I urge you to check out in Sydney while it’s here.
Sport and Innovation go hand in hand, and it would be hard to dispute the fact that Nike are among the most innovative and forward thinking companies out there.
I was able to meet with Nike Guru and Innovation Designer Matt Nordstrum to talk Innovation, which is the key inspiration behind the Pop Up Store that celebrates Nike’s unique and constantly committed approach to pushing the boundaries.
With the Games currently underway many of Nike’s amazing innovations are on display for the world to see – including the Nike Pro TT Turbo Speed, the world’s fastest ever running suit that Matt has been involved in designing.
We sat down and talked about the store, Nike’s progressive innovative outlook and some of the key items on display in this incredible space that combines amazing product, and interactive attractions that make it a must see while it’s in town!