The sport has always had a special place in my heart, and from growing up in the UK to now living on the other side of the world it still is a huge part of my life.

I was never great at playing, but even so I still loved everything about it, and when cut down by injury in my early 20’s I became something of a boot junkie, plus I was also the Producer of Chelsea FC’s TV channel for a number of years (but don’t hold that against me!).

More than anything though I’m a fan, and come success or failure (which seems all too regular at the moment as a Liverpool fan) my love for the beautiful game never waivers.

So I was excited to explore the sport here in Sydney, a location far removed from where I grew up in weather, geography and culture, but not in passion for the sport.

I shot all over Sydney and met some great people who like me are hugely passionate about the sport, so please check out the images (alongside Chad Gibson’s shots of the sport in Brisbane, and Ben Clement in Melbourne), and keep an eye out for the Elastico Superfly boot which I had great fun shooting.

In Nike’s words; The Movimento campaign was designed to celebrate Nike’s commitment to innovation which doesn’t stop at the 11-a-side game. Players don’t just play on grass, and innovation doesn’t stop where the pitch ends. All over the world players are taking to the turf, the concrete or the hardwood to hone their skills, earn neighborhood respect and to play more.

The small sided game is beautiful. The style of play is freer, focused on individual skill and being an artist with the ball. There’s no coach, no strict rules and the game is accessible to any player, anywhere.

The backyard, the street, the court and the cage have all served as the training ground for some of the world’s best footballers. Andrés Iniesta, Neymar Jr., Eden Hazard and Australia’s own Tom Rogic and Danny De Silva have all risen through the ranks with a passion for the game that started on their local ground.

These athletes provide the insights that help Nike to develop products that allow footballers to play anywhere, anytime. Keeping players low to the ground, close to the ball and comfortable at all times allows them to focus on the task at hand-to own their ground.

For this project, three Australian photographers documented the beauty of movement and the creativity of small-sided football.  In uncovering pitches and matches in unexpected locations they captured Australia’s burgeoning football culture, and the immense potential to play anywhere in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

Check it out, and I hope you guys enjoy the work as much I did shooting it.

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