These unshaped islands, on the sawyer’s bench,
Wait for the chisel of the mind.
And when setting foot in the county’s stunning South Island ’the chisel of the mind’ is instantly invigorated and stimulated with scenery and landscape that defies and inspires in equal measures.
Beauty lies in all facets.  The sweeping vastness, the lush pastures, the crystal waters and rugged rock formations; all these elements combine in a textural playground of an epic scale that bewilders the mind and body alike.
This combined sense of texture is what inspired this photo essay.  At every twist and turn between Queesntown and Lake Wanaka I shot medium format film and digital imagery of the different forms of textural beauty that lined our path.
Alongside my commercial work, travel photo essays have become an increasingly important part of what I shoot.  It’s something that allows me to explore with curiosity and wonder, and while most locations see me shooting portraits and reportage to get a sense of a location’s identity, New Zealand inspired a different approach.  
In this instance it was the land itself that I found spoke most clearly of what the country was about.
Wild and sprawling yet intimate and welcoming, New Zealand is quite simply unlike anywhere I have been before and is somewhere now firmly chiselled into my mind.