Pins is putting his signature pop art inspired aesthetic into the fun and engaging solo project which will hopefully make us all realise that we’re all spending too much time staring into the black mirror and losing our identities as we walk aimlessly transfixed at whatever is on our screens.

Pins has already started sharing some candid street visuals that will help to share how the concept was created on Instagram, which you can follow through the hashtag ‘NoFaceLikePhone’.

Viewings for the exhibition start in London this week at 14 Percy Street, W1T 1DR, with private viewings starting on 20th October from 6pm-10pm, and public viewings start on 21st October at 10am and as you can see from these shots of the exclusive invite pack that IDYSM was lucky enough to receive, the work showcases those key Pins themes of colour, humour and Brit-centric commentary.  That stamp!

For those of you wanting to find out more about this incredibly creative and impactful artist, check out the above Behind The Brand feature that we made the last time we crossed paths at one of his amazing exhibitions in London.