The desire for brands to work with like-minded individuals is something that has exploded in recent years.

Companies question why they should pay millions to work with an (possibly over-saturated) athlete or celebrity when they can find someone fresh, creative and bespokely related to their message who also has a mass audience that follows this same sense of style and sensibility.

However, while tapping into this sense of engagement has been something that has been happening more and more in recent years with the explosion of bloggers and Instagrammers, it seems that we may have reached a tipping point.

Engagement seems to be becoming just one factor that brands want to tap into, equally (and maybe of more importance) is integrity and authenticity, both in the quality of product that the subject can give them, and also in the authenticity of the audience that follows them.

And for creatives like Rachel, it doesn’t take long to see why her approach ticks all the boxes.

Edgy, authentic and inspiring, Rachel’s passion for fashion and culture is something that she embraces in all areas, and it’s of little surprise that she’s also becoming a leading influencer in the truest sense.

The looks she creates, the brands she wears, and the consistent sense of personality that radiates through all of her work have all contributed to the quality of the looks and imagery she is involved with, and also in the integrity of her fanbase.

These factors all contribute to Rachel’s ever growing popularity, and the impressive profiles of the brands queuing to work with her.

In this shoot (for Highsnobiety) Rachel showcases an array of looks that tap into her true sense of self, showing just how her sense of style truly represents who she is as a person, and giving us an insight into what goes into her and the brand that she has become.

Curating a look and a style isn’t easy, it cannot be forced and it has to reflect the honesty that Rachel and her work are known for.

We see countless influencers jumping from brand to brand chasing trends (and even worse chasing payment in many cases), but for Rachel, her work is about reflecting her true sense of self.

Being so capable of interjecting her sense of personality into her sense of style, it’s easy to see why Rachel is in such demand, and I’m sure that this is just the beginning for someone whose demand is set to grow and grow.

Clothing (model’s own, includes):


P.A.M. x Babylon,

Vans x Opening Ceremony,

adidas x Raf Simons,

PUMA x Rihanna,

Shot in conjunction with Highsnobiety