Rian is someone who has held a lifelong interest in both sneaker culture, and luxury fashion, as from a young ago he was indoctrinated into appreciating the finer things in life by his parents who championed Japanese style, and his Mum to this day still exclusively rocks Issay Miyake. 

This influence has inspired Rian to nurture a passion for the finer things in streetwear, appreciating the eccentricities and quality of luxury product on all items of clothing and footwear.

He likes to be a step ahead, and 7 years ago developed a taste for Rick Owens long before the brand became as commonplace as it is know, and spent a lot of effort (up to a year at a time in certain instances) to source product that he both loved for the design and craftmanship, but also to have something different on the street.

There’s no doubting that luxury product is a lot easier to source and find than it was when Rian started out, he’s still keen to keep an element of individuality about what he wears.

This outfit for example showcases Rian’s love for design and tech with garments from Nike x Gyakusou and 11 by borris bidjan saberi (which is a true illustration of avante garde x tech), paired with some Y-3’s which while they are trending right now, Rian wears them due to them simply being beautiful shoes.

Now a part of the Sneakerboy family, it’s clear that Rian’s tastes play an influential part in his role with one of the sneaker games more refined retail outlets and with the store’s renowned accessibility of luxury product paired with Rian’s lifelong appreciation of the finer things in street fashion, Rian’s the perfect person to help educate and inspire the next generation of luxury lovers.

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