In this photo series shot for Highsnobiety, Sally and I had the chance to hang out at her friend Anna’s awesome Sydney pad (thanks Anna!) and chat about all things style related.

For Sally, style seems to transcend mere fashion.

It’s an extension of her passion for all components of street culture comprising of music, art, architecture and more and as such, her appreciation and understanding shows a respect to history as much as it does to the here and now.

Interwoven with the carefully chosen and selected product that represents what Sally is all about, she manages to also interweave personal touches and effects that make her looks her own.

Select footwear and apparel from COMME des GARÇONS, Nike and adidas shows an understanding of contemporary styling, but also with a huge nod to retro and OG styles that are as relevant today as they were back in the 80’s and 90’s.

This tapestry of new and old feels creates something quite personal to Sally, and that’s before the inclusion of those personal touches like latex trousers (and sex shop lube needed to get them on and off!), the Playboy pendant, and a selection of non-brand/retro garments too.

Creating a look, style and story that combines flair with personality is no easy feat, and for Sally, this often comes about by picking one select piece, then fleshing the whole look out from there.

It could be shoes, or a jacket, but this one person is the starting point of an idea and concept that she can build from with respect and restraint.

With a huge passion and interest for Japanese culture, Sally’s created approach to style is quite minimalist in it’s essence, not over-loaded and bombarded, allowing pieces to stand out individually, while also working as a complete look at the same time.

A key example of this approach comes from the below COMME des GARÇONS Automne-Hiver Satin Bomber Robe from 2015 which is the centrepiece of this look.

The piece get’s kudos due to it being Comme, but for Sally and her in-depth knowledge, it’s the item’s story that gives it it’s huge appeal.

The jacket is very similar to what the runway staff would wear as a backstage uniform during the mid ’80s, giving the item added value to her.

At a time when the likes of Yeezy, Pablo, Supreme, Gosha and Palace (to name just a few) represent brands that people often chase merely for the chance to flex and show street stature, it’s refreshing to meet someone with the knowledge and appreciation to show how product can be given the appreciation and respect it deserves.

Product doesn’t have to define us, it can be used in a way to become a part of who we are and part of the tapestry of our story – something that Sally illustrates so well!

Shot in conjunction with Highsnobiety, see Meet The Muse story here

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