Despite being a model, musician, comedian, poet and more, Samuel is laid back and chilled, seemingly gliding towards his clear vision of success without stress, strain or effort, it’s an organic process that means he isn’t contriving or forcing anything just channeling his true sense of self.

And that radiates into everything about him including his style.  His wardrobe isn’t about chasing hype or brand-names, it’s about comfort; comfort in fit, comfort in design, and comfort in the garments allowing him to be who he is without compromise.

As a model Samuel is often cast for large brands and campaigns.  In these instances he is dressed in elite garments, dressed by leading stylists and part of a conceptual vision of how fashion can be, but in his work Samuel often has the ability to add his own sense of self and personality within this.

In an age where street style is all so often geared towards the head turning capability of brands and hype, it’s always refreshing to meet people who stand out by something that transcends fashion.

For this IDYSM shoot, we stripped all of that away.  We could have created a vision and styled hyped garments and product to really generate interest, but I wanted to veer away from that and tap into what IDYSM is primarily about; the story of someone from the street culture sphere who radiates inspiration and integrity in equal measures.

Follow Samuel on Instagram here (it’s worth it for the meme’s on his Insta Stories alone!)

Words and photography: Lester Jones