Founded 6 years ago by friends Morgan Collett, Josh Rosen and Colin Tunstall, Saturday’s has created a cult following.

The 3 friends are originally each from the far corners from the US, but brought together within NYC, they quickly bonded over shared interests and tastes, and the brand was born.

To this day the brand still encompasses their core interests of surfing, adventure and art, and through all facets of the brand’s ever growing array of product and projects the core of their friendship remains.

While the brand transcends being more than a mere surf label, there is no denying that surfing is still a huge influence on the Saturday’s team.

In fact, they mentioned that less than an hour after landing in Sydney they were in the water, which to them is the ultimate jetlag remedy.

But more than a mere sport, the sense of adventure and abandon that surfing represents is still a huge influence on what Saturday’s is all about.

Taking inspiration from what surfing has given them both individually and collectively, Morgan, Josh and Colin have built a name for a stylish and sophisticated surf lifestyle-inspired brand with a line of product and lifestyle encompassing many areas.

Continuously growing with new and innovative product, projects and outlets, the brand’s worldwide appeal is bigger than ever before, and with the opening of new stores in locations like Sydney’s iconic Bondi will do little to stop this growth.

Maintaining the brand’s signature clean look and feel, the store brings the full Saturday’s experience to life with apparel, magazines, homeware, footwear and accessories (with special Bondi only variations on mugs, tote bags, tshirts and towels in white/blue) and Phil, who is one awesome barista!

A huge thanks to Morgan, Josh and Colin for their time and if you’re in Sydney make sure you check out the new Saturdays NYC store in Bondi.