The shoot coincided with the 100th episode of the music channel’s live and uncensored show The Riff, and the show had just finished when I arrived which meant that the hosts Danny, Carissa, Marty and Billy as well as the studio were well decorated with after some anarchic on-air celebrations.
The show sees the team face some pretty exciting stuff, and for Danny the shoe brand to tackle everything are Palladiums.  With enough style and strength to cope with everything he throws at them, they’re the shoe to tackle all of the ‘on-air celebrations’, gigs, parties, travel and even 10 metre stage dives Danny faces.


Danny and Palladium’s in a 10m stage dive…yes, they both survived.
In addition to being pretty fearless Danny is a genuinely nice guy, so a big thanks to him and the team for having me into the studio to shoot and I’ll be keep a close eye on what Danny and his shoes get up to next…11 metre stage dives perhaps?