IDYSM: Hey Greg. So BKRW is the hub of a pretty all-encompassing enterprise.  For those who don’t know, can you describe what it is please?

Greg:  BKRW is a 360 agency.  We create strategy marketing, we produce the tools, we do the communication and we have a retail store.  Everything is one inside the BLACKRAINBOW magazine.


IDYSM: BKRW and Black Rainbow work seamlessly together, plus you also work as an Agency too – how does that work?

Greg: The BLACKRAINBOW store is a window of our world, we can use it for exhibitions, special launches or as a pop up store.  The store helps the agency to stay focused on the market.  

IDYSM: Paris is obviously a hugely influential city for style and culture, so how much of an influence does the city have on what you do?

Greg: Paris is magic but we cant think of just Parisi as our influences come from everywhere.

IDYSM: From BWGH to Pigalle, from Colette to Merci, from Invader to André, Paris continues to have it’s finger on the pulse as a progressive global influence in fashion, retail and art – how and why does the city continue to be so influential?

Greg: Hard to tell why Paris is so good ;).  No seriously, Paris is in the middle of the world so many influencers from every industry come here, it helps to make links with creative people.  Paris is also an old city with a big history mixed with new technology that gives you a really contemporary city.

IDYSM: Aside from the Parisian influences within BKRW your work has developed an International following.  Where else in the world excites you?

Greg: Today BLACKRAINBOW agency is more focus on new countries like SEOUL, RIO, BEJING, MEXICO, DELHI than the big $$$ cities where the creativity is almost the same. NEWYORK, TOKYO,LONDON,PARIS same fashion, songs, sneakers little boring for us and probably to easy.


IDYSM: Do you think Internationally this is an exciting time for street culture?

Greg: More than that some new countries are starting to be introduced to this market same as HONG KONG 10 years ago with (Michael lau,Eric So, Lazy Mother Fucker ,Clot and many more). You can see how Hong Kong became so strong in the street market today.

IDYSM: What role do you think the Internet plays in this?, does it improve communication/awareness or do you think it’s over saturated?

Greg: Internet help the business model to have more visibility but kill the culture , today we have to use this tool but we do not have to forget the street and his culture.


IDYSM: In regards to footwear, what role does sneaker culture play in your life, and BKRW’s work?

Greg:  Sneakers is the most important accessory in our company , they give us the beat 😉


IDYSM: We seem to be in a confusing era where brands are focusing on both retro and progressive tech product, does that mean the current era is struggling to find an identity of it’s own?

Greg: Its just a new era with a young generation able to have access to everything , this is why they mix every styles.  More information you received more selection you must do but this generation do not care about the culture they just want to enjoy what they like and to mix it.


IDYSM: What footwear trends are hot in Paris right now?

Greg: AHAHAHAH !!! same as everywhere Nike, Jordan, ASICS, Puma  etc.

IDYSM: BKRW has been involved with shoe collabs in the past.  What did this entail, and what did you try to achieve with your work?

Greg: It was more than a collab, behind our sneakers it was more a strategy . For example PUMA the idea was to change their image with them , at this time the brand was fare from where they are today.  It was important to introduce some different silhouette (R698 & FAAS) as the Clyde and to make them confident with their full collection.  As you can see today many strong collabs come up with Puma and kids are crazy about them.  Same for SUPRA the idea was to do a real high end quality in a mass market brand where no one was ready to see those kind of sneakers.

IDYSM: What inspires you?

Greg: ART and STREET  

IDYSM: What does the future hold for BKRW and Black Rainbow?

Greg: THE WORLD IS MINE ahahah we never now what will be tomorrow.


IDYSM: In Their Shoes interviews always end with this question so brace yourself…what’s on your feet right now?

Greg: PUMA suede deconstruct.



A big thanks to Greg for his time, and please check out and the Black Rainbow store.