Nothing defines the identity of a city more than the people that inhabit it, and back in 2009 when IDYSM launched, the focus of people and how their style represented both themselves, their story and their location was the core of the IDYSM DNA.

While the IDYSM remit has expanded beyond this (and will continue to expand), it was fun to go back to our roots and explore this country through the OG IDYSM approach of investigating street style.

Continuing our IDYSM journey through South Korea, I wanted to share this series of staged street portraits that help showcase the different people who collectively work together to give this amazing country it’s sense of identity.

Throughout my travels I met countless people who were all kind enough to pose for this series of images, which I shot in an aim to show the diversity, style and energy that forms to influence the identity of this great country.

These shots were created with little in the way of a mutual language to bring them together.  Few locals spoke English, and my non-Korean speaking ability meant that we relied on hand gestures, and the camera hanging around my neck to outline the intentions of shooting these images to document the style of the Korean people we found.


As I have mentioned in previous articles, the country fuses an on-point contemporary presence alongside that of one that shows a respect to it’s heritage and history.

For the younger generations, it’s easy to find those who chase hyped brand hunting, with a preppy-chic sensibility.

For the older generations, this same chic considered approach was often evident, but in many cases the with addition of colour, personality and in some cases eccentricity that generated looks that were playful and fun.


This tapestry of people and styles helped create and influence the unique identity of this amazing country, one that fascinates and inspires in equal measures.