Originally from Canada, Nasir has become an iconic figure in Melbourne by devoting much of his time to helping others, by sharing his skills to the benefit of those less fortunate.

As part of Grazia’s ‘Walk A Mile‘ film series, we made a series of films each focusing on truely pioneering figures who dedicate their lives to help others less fortunate than themselves.

This this film (made in association with ECCO) was the final part in the series, and focuses on a truly worthy and selfless individual whose life makes a positive comment on countless others each day.

A trained Barber, Nasir spends his free time grooming the homeless communities of Melbourne. In the process Nasir empowers them with care, attention, company, and confidence that is proven to truly help to turn people’s lives around.

This is more than giving people a new look, it’s about empowering and gifting people some basic tools to help transform their lives.

In this intimate film we gain a glimpse into Nasir’s life, and hear about his craft and passion for helping others.


DOP/Director/Editor: Lester Jones
Talent: Nasir Sobhani
Client: Grazia x ECCO