A passionate advocate for the therapeutic and cathartic power of dance and movement, Vanessa has helped bring dance to a diverse array of people through her Groove Therapy initiative.

Alongside Vanessa’s work as a dancer and choreographer, Groove Therapy has allowed her to create an outlet to share her passion for dance.

The Groove Therapy program uses the theory that ‘we’re all dancers’ to offer everyone from refugees and migrants, to those with dementia, and specially designed programs for kids (see more here) the chance to dance, to have fun, and be a part of the community.

The feel-good message of Vanessa’s work is designed to break up what dance represents to many as through her work it loses the regularly found elitist vibe and instead replaces it with an inclusive and non-judgemental vibe that more and more people are moving towards.

To hear more about Vanessa and her quest to share her passion to help others over at Highsnobiety